The Best Buffalo Instagram Accounts

Sellers, Media, Sports coverage and much more makeup the Buffalo Instagram community. But before we go any further, what makes a good Buffalo Instagram account? Easy, here’s a list of things we looked for:

  1. Buffalo related content (duh)
  2. Humor, excitement, and any other type of content that can arouse your emotions
  3. Giveaways
  4. Good following
  5. Provide some sort of value to followers

To follow an account it really doesn’t take much thinking, all it takes is a click of a button. But we feel the things listed above are what makes you smash that follow button without even thinking twice. Not including our instagram because we’re the best ever (@identityink716), here’s the list:

3. @StepoutBuffalo

Stepout Buffalo provides guides to dining, entertainment and much more in Western New York. Their follower count sits at about 52,900. Stepout Buffalo also finds a ton of humorous Buffalo related posts via Twitter and Instagram just for your enjoyment. On top of all this, they do collaborations with local businesses on huge giveaways like $100 giftcards, $1,000 VIP passes to events, Photo shoots, and a whole lot more.

2. @Buffalo_Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo  captures every buffalonian’s heart on Instagram. Their follower count currently sits at 35,800. So what do almost all of us have in common? We all love cute animals. The Buffalo Zoo is a good follow for your daily dose of cool and cute animals. It’s basically like going to the zoo without leaving your couch. Not only do they have cute animals, but they have amazing videos and pictures that you’ll have to see for yourself.

1. @BuffaloBills

Everyone knows the Buffalo Bills and everyone knows majority of the players. But their social media does a great job of showing those players behind the facemask. Lots of humor on the Bills instagram as well as general team info, giveaways, game updates and more.

Honorable Mention

There’s lots of smaller pages that do a great job on Instagram in Buffalo and don’t get the recognition they deserve! One is @TrainwreckSports who does a great job with Buffalo Bills, Sabres, Bisons, and UB Bulls coverage. They also do a ton of giveaways, podcasts, and much more. That train really never stops! Another is @WestHerr who has some amazing content. They do tons of promotions with other companies/organizations. They also do a lot of giveaways with some cool stuff! Added in there is a page called @Buffalo_AF which is brutally humorous Bills related content and chicken wing reviews, get ready to laugh your pants off when you follow this account. Lastly is @BuffalogrlProbs which embodies everything Buffalo. Tons of humor here, follow them for a good laugh!

Well, there you have it! If you disagree, agree or have any comments shoot us a DM @identityink716