Screen Printing Myths

So, you’ve been considering placing an order for some t-shirts but are a little hesitant about the screen printing process. We hear rumors every once in a while about screen printing, and are going to debunk a few of the most common myths.

You can only order in bulk. Though it is true some screen printers have minimums, it isn’t exactly as “bulk” as you might expect. For example, we ask for a 12-piece minimum, which we think is pretty reasonable. We know that you don’t always need 36 shirts, and we can cater to that.

They don’t offer samples. We would never want you to buy something without seeing it first. We can obtain samples of specific shirt styles and/or materials for you, to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.



You can only ever order t-shirts. Though it seems plausible for many online stores, this is simply not the case. We offer a variety of garments and products to screen print on, such as koozies, tote bags, and shorts to name a few.

Screen printing locally is too expensive. Being a local company means we know a thing or two about our customers, their budgets, and how to provide quality work. Our prices are competitive, and you will receive deeper customer relations than you would with online stores that outsource their services.

If you’re searching for the right place to fulfill your screen printing needs, Identity Ink & Custom Tee is the business for you. We are here to make the process as easy as possible for you, and to make sure you get your custom shirts printed effectively and efficiently. Give us a call today at (716)876-9798.