Is the NFL Taking The Bills Out of Buffalo?

This isn’t the first time Buffalo has had rumors of the Bills moving. Is it all nonsense like the time rumors flew about the Bills moving to Toronto? Or is it more serious in this case? Many people on social media are saying it’s a done deal and the Bills are leaving in the next few years. This rumor may be a bit more serious than the Toronto one a few years ago, but it’s not too much of a threat yet.

Roger Goodell, a Western New York native, sent a scare through his old stomping grounds. Goodell believes the Bills are in need of new stadium. Automatically people began to think our team was leaving. Goodell also said he would like for the Bills to be “stable” and “successful” here in Buffalo while he was at Jim Kelly’s recent golf outing.

The Bills play in the fifth oldest stadium in the league. Yet, our passionate fans record an attendance percentage of stadium filled at about 90.4 on average. This puts us up there with some of the NFL’s legacy franchises like the Steelers and Giants. The age of the stadium is only an issue to Goodell, to the fans our stadium has character. The stadium’s lease agreement with Erie County is locked in until 2023 so no need to sweat right away about this matter.

Overall, the chance of the Bills moving out of Buffalo is very unlikely. But, the stadium we know as New Era, Ralph Wilson, or whatever else you’d like to call it, may very well get torn down in the future. Jim Kelly seems to think across the street is the perfect spot for a new stadium. Some people think a new stadium in down town would also be great. Regardless, you can sleep well at night knowing there is only a sliver of a chance that the Bills will leave Buffalo.