Buffalo Tailgating-Tailgaters vs. Table Slammers

Everyone knows about “Bills Mafia” but not everyone knows both sides.

On social media, tv, etc. all you will find is the crazy table slammers, even babies are baptized through tables. Not to mention some other crazy events that have happened at Bills tailgates. But are there any normal tailgaters in Buffalo?

Well, if you consider getting ketchup and mustard dumped on someone by multiple people normal, then yes there’s normal tailgaters. The Pinto Tailgate, led by “Pinto Ron” has attended over 400 Bills games in a row. At home games you can find them in the Hammer Lot which is a well-known lot in Buffalo but not for table slams. Hammer Lot doesn’t allow dizzy bats, table slamming and many other things that young Bills fans consider fun. As a result this lot is occupied mostly by an older crowd. So, if you like to have fun without the injuries or dangerous games, this is probably the lot for you.

Table slammers and the rest of the younger crazies are known for occupying the grass lot and the bus lot. Because of this the Bills and Erie County started “Tailgate Village” which is where all bus riding fans have to go. They are no longer allowed to tailgate by their busses. At the home opener tailgate village looked pretty empty and the people inside looked pretty miserable. To combat this, there was rumors that ECC was now going to allow busses. On top of that, Bert’s Bikes lot is known for taking busses and being a good time. The Bills can curb insanity on their land but they can’t tame the fans everywhere.

Majority of the videos that go viral you’ll see busses in the background. Many don’t even go viral, so for the amount that get posted by Barstool Sports or other large accounts, there’s 10 more videos of people getting CTE. Barstool Sports has taken a liking to Buffalo fans and even did a short documentary a couple years ago. It was mostly showing the younger crowd. As a result, the world now assumes all of Buffalo fans slam tables.

The question is, what side are you on? Are you one of the mature tailgaters? Is grilling and having a cold one enough for you? Or do you belong to the table slammers? Do you like having some cold ones down a wiffle bat?

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