Benefits of Promotional Products

Stand Out From The Crowd

All businesses try to differentiate themselves from competitors. When doing this it can be a tricky thing to get a clear image across to customers. One way to help this is promotional products. Even if you choose a simple branded pen for your business, it can generate customer loyalty. Even if competitors are using promotional products themselves, it is still very easy to choose something different or better for your customers. At Identity Ink we can provide wireless bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, security cameras, fidget spinners, bottle openers and so much more all with your logo on it! Unlike e-mail marketing, direct mail marketing, and flyer marketing you can really use your creativity with promotional products and help your brand stand out.

Brand Recognition

Most promotional products are items that are used in a customer’s everyday life. As a result, promotional items will end up being a household item for a long time in most cases. These household items will be seen day in and day out, over time the consumer will instinctively become more aware of your brand and your brand’s personality. Customers perceive promotional items as a gift, this can instill a sense of reciprocality and encourage them to want to more business in return.

Generate Leads

Promotional items can be much more than just a marketing tool. They can also help increase leads and generate sales as well. You can increase the ROI of these items in a few ways:

  • Create digital rewards that get customers to landing pages and captures information
  • Use the items as a referral incentive for existing customers
  • Build promotional products into a sales pitch or a meeting

Create. Relate. Identify.

Promotional products belong to a 15 billion dollar industry with many big name companies leading the way. There is no question promotional products are helpful when done the right way. If you want to feel the benefits of promotional product marketing let us help you at Identity Ink!