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Promotional Products Best Practices 2019

Before getting into specific strategies for deploying your promotional products, you should step back for a moment and ask yourself why you’re using promotional products in the first place. The answer isn’t necessarily intuitively obvious. Some companies use promotional products primarily to increase their sales while other companies use promotional products to collect information on… Read more »

Benefits of Promotional Products

Stand Out From The Crowd All businesses try to differentiate themselves from competitors. When doing this it can be a tricky thing to get a clear image across to customers. One way to help this is promotional products. Even if you choose a simple branded pen for your business, it can generate customer loyalty. Even… Read more »

Screen Printing Vs. Embroidery: What’s Right For Your Design?

T-shirts, tank tops, and jackets have remained consistently popular for all kinds of promotions. Businesses, non-profits, sports teams, and more have all benefitted from promoting their message through clothing. Promotional shirts are an exceptional advertising method because they are a long lasting item, and also because they are an item that customers can use frequently,… Read more »

The Buffalo Bills Playoff Drought is Over!

For Buffalonians and Bills fans everywhere, 2018 started off on the right note when, with a little help from the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills clinched a playoff spot for the first time in 17 seasons. Living in a city like Buffalo and being a die-hard Bills fan my entire life, I knew just how… Read more »

Screen Printing Myths

So, you’ve been considering placing an order for some t-shirts but are a little hesitant about the screen printing process. We hear rumors every once in a while about screen printing, and are going to debunk a few of the most common myths. You can only order in bulk. Though it is true some screen printers have… Read more »

Printing T-shirts: Screen Printing vs. Heat Transfer

Screen Printing T-Shirts A screen printing press looks a bit like an octopus. It has multiple arms, each supporting a single screen. Although one name for the process is “silkscreen,” the screens are now usually nylon or metal. Each screen prints one color on the t-shirt, and each color station includes a flat, ironing-board-like support… Read more »

What Makes A Great Shirt?

We talked to a few individuals and asked “What makes a good shirt?” to find out what people really want in the perfect custom printed t-shirt. Here’s a summary of what we heard back: An abstract message. A creative way to express the message of the company without using a logo. Using logos are cool if they’re a part… Read more »

Screen-printing Defined

From beginning artwork stages to the final end product, screen-printing is complex progress. We understand that customers may not understand all the terms we use in our production. To better understand our lingo, here is a compiled list of definitions that will help give you basic knowledge of what we mean when we say “vectorized artwork”,… Read more »

Carly’s Club Charity Sale for February & March

  We’re very excited at Identity Ink to have partnered up with Carly’s Club this year from February to March! Carly’s Club is a not-for-profit organization that manages donations sent to Roswell Park Cancer Institute. What does this mean?  For every item purchased in our exclusive Carly’s Club Charity Sale web store, Identity Ink will… Read more »

What kind of art files to submit for screen printing?

We sometimes receive questions from customers who are unsure about which file formats to send to our designers regarding screen printed work. To hopefully clear up some confusion, here’s a rundown of what we would prefer and not prefer when it comes to art file submissions. FILE FORMAT To ensure the highest quality of print,… Read more »

New Apparel!

After a successful and fun weekend debuting our designs at Buffalo On Tap, our design team is currently hard at work updating our online shop with fresh new designs. We are particularly excited to have these designs available on J America Tailgate Hoodies. Not only are these high quality hoodies lined with 9oz fleece, but… Read more »