Anatol Volt

So we are about 1 month into production with our new automatic screen-printing machine, the Anatol Volt.  It is awesome!  As strange as it sounds…it has improved the overall morale of all employees in the company.  It is quiet and clean.  The Volt is all electric, so no more loud air compressor, no more broken air lines and “oily” air shooting throughout the building.  The crispness of the designs we print are noticeably improved…not to imply that our old machine made poor prints it didn’t…just that the Volt is that much better.  Our screen-printers can now micro adjust with ease and they even more proud of what they do.  There was definitely a learning curve as this machine has quartz flash units that burned a few pieces of poly until we learned the tricks and tips of operating with that style of flash.  Overall very happy!